The Process of Getting an Artificial Tan

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How many times have you seen a drug invented for a specific purpose becoming the fashion statement of the century? Well, melatonin is one! It is specifically developed for acting as a defence mechanism against skin cancer. Registered dosage of this is the craze amongst people who are planning to get a pigmented look in their body!

Previously, tanning was a natural process that could be obtained via sun-bathing and sunburns. But with increasing ill effects of such processes, and extra consumption of time, other options were searched out!  The various myths associated with extra weight gain and providing disastrous results are also busted with usage of this new technique of injection. On the contrary you can get a slimmer look and greater libido with usage of this product.

Comparing the injected process with natural modes:

The process of getting an artificial tan has always been a matter of great significance for the West. It is courtesy to their fashion statement that sun-bathing has garnered such importance over the years. However, this new process of injecting melatonin into human body, where it directly targets melanocortin receptors and stimulates melanin production in the body is something that is gaining prominence over time.

  • In previous natural modes, this tanning process was not uniform and chances of premature ageing of skin, cancer and rashes were higher. But with this process of injecting melatonin into body, the process starts off by stimulation of pigments and provides a more natural look.
  • In case of traditional methods, this tan was not long-lasting and hence chances of fragmentation were there. In stark comparison, injecting of this peptide resulted in changing the skin tone from within and hence, uniformity can be maintained.
  • Another major plus point of this process is its ability to choose shade of tan that one would like to have. Prior to the treatment, a person can choose out the shade that would fit in with his or her current skin tone. This process is not available in case of natural tanning.

It is for no reason that ‘’Dark is gaining prominence in the world of light!’’

How to use melatonin?

In case you are thinking that using this is quite easy and just requires one pinch of syringe, it is important to note these 3 steps.

Step 1: The skin on which this is to be applied has to be exfoliated, and shade that is to be obtained is chosen as per skin tone.

Step 2: Since this melatonin is stored in a freeze powder format, hence it has to be reconstituted using sterile water and then used for getting proper results.

Step 3: Generally, in a singular sitting, a quantity of 10mg – 40mg is given to people. However, for some individuals, initial dosage is to be given within limit of 0.5mg – 2.5mg. In case this step goes wrong, results of this process would be delayed to a great extent.

Authentic source of obtaining this product

This product can generally be obtained from gyms and medicated salons; however online mode is the best option. Reasonably priced at £25-50 for a 10mg kit, the online retailers ship them in specific conditions with written feedbacks of experts for your peace of mind. So, all you need is one click to get fashion at your house and that too shipped in most hygienic conditions.